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Kathrin wins first price of Tramore's "Bansky Project"-Art Competition to raise ecolog

The Tramore Banksy Project was a Graffito Art Competition set up by Tramore Eco Group. Artists were invited to come up with an original piece of graffiti that promotes ecological awareness. There were 30 walls all around Tramore being used as a canvas for the participating artists. Each wall being a max. of 3 x 3 metres in size. The competition was held over the October Bank Holiday weekend of Oct 30th - Nov 2nd 2019.

Kathrin Greif-Maher's winning piece of graffiti was rewarded with a monetary prize, sponsored by local businesses and organised by the Tramore Eco group.

This project aimed to explore, through irony, the artistic excellence and social statement that is in Banksy Art.

The Tramore-based Grafic-Designer and illustrator ( stenciled and spray-painted the Tramore's iconic Metalman, comfortably "resting" on plastic-bottle-pilars which are only visible at a second glance.

The group of spraypainted Metal-'men' are symbolising the local society, blindfolded.. pointing onshore (our save little worlds).. all into the same direction. The swedish climate activist Greta Blumberg is standing all on her own, well grounded, highlighted in Red and pointing into the opposite direction - offshore! While doing so, she is making aware of what is happening to the sea and the climate.. trying to change the angle of vision and habits of this group of blindfolded people and help them see what is realy happening. Kathrin's sea is slowly filling with plastic bottles.. making the Metal-men, who she calls "Mental-men" tilt and eventually loose their balance - falling off their 'save' pilars into the sea.

Kathrin also added an other ironic touch to her mural - she called it the "Plastic game" - reffering to the significance of action as a game can be either lost or won - depending on the players strategy and interest. She also included two windows which happened to be in her given wall.. leaving the spectator the option to "continue" the plastic game or "quit". The "quit-button" in this game is Red as well as Greta's alert, while the "continue" plastic game button comes in Blue - the same as the polluted ocean of bottles in her mural.

A clear message to the locals and people abroad to reduce the consumption of plastic in everyday life, but also a hint to a screen and game-addicted youth, which will soon have a "Loading-problem" in their real lives.

She also draws a visual line to her current destination branding artwork and newly set-up vennture, called LoveTramore. She sells illustrated art prints of Tramore's stunning sceneries and outdoors, printed on paper and fabric. Tea towels, wax wraps and bags wich can be reused to reduce and used instead of paper, tinfoil, clingfilm or plastic bags.

Tramore-based companies made this project possible by sponsoring for a good cause - eventually supporting Tramore's tourism as all murals will form a trail to guide people throgh the more unknown areas of Tramore. A fantastic idea to build both awareness and an image of a concious Tramore. The TramorEcoGroup made it happen in organising it. It was an amazing event!! Huge 'Thanks You' to all involved!!

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