• Visual Communication, Personal & Corporate Design

• Idea & Communication / Concepts

• Logos

• Branding

• Screen Design, Basic WSWG Programming of Websites,

• Design of Flyers, Brochures, Posters and other Print Documents

• Illustration / Vector Graphics, Key Visuals - Icon Development

• Image Editing and photography


I constantly move between a bird‘s eye view and the deep
understanding of a commissioned work. In order to get the best possible comprehension of a matter, I disappear in a „research-diving base“ beyond the key facts of a briefing, to learn about a subject. Only by doing so, a specific look, a special visual language, an individual solution, layout or function can be created. The standard is only as good as it is to meet it‘s purpose.
For good design the angle of perception has to be changed morw often: By changing to a „bird‘s-eye view“ the shortage of unfulfilled requirements will be visible. This process has to be repeated until the themed key facts are met, the required artwork makes meaning, communicates in a visual compelling way and is flexible enough for further branding situations. The strongest visual metaphor is the simplest and the best.

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