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Welcome to LoveTramore's Blog. All imagery are available at the Online-Art-Store
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About 'LoveTramore'...
illustration & destination branding

„LoveTramore“ is the name of a brand that designs, produces and sells design products.

„LoveTramore" design products are made from Tramore-related Illustrations, printed on paper or fabrics. Greif-Maher Ltd. aims to promote and brand Tramore as a holiday destination with a unique attitude towards outdoor lifestyle, reducing quantity for quality living. „LoveTramore“ products are high-end versions of commonly called souvenirs. They are useful, clever in their idea, sustainable and custom designed.

These Design products appeal to a conscious generation of leiure travellers, outdoor- and sports lovers, taste- and quality of life seekers.

„LoveTramore“ design products have a new attitude and a unique quality standard with a trending minimalised visual approach, reduction to simplicity. Reduction in production to zero waste is the overall concept... Reduction to the essential things that matter in live.

The design is a mixture of Scandinavian simplicity, 50-60 retro holiday-feeling and timeless classic using “feel-good” and happy colours.

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