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2014 | The Surface Project an ongoing photographic project, whereby I capture mainly organic or human "surfaces" in such a way, that the image taken is out of context. The image reveals a very vulnerable and fragile, fine and sensitive way of a very small space exposed on a over dimensional scale. The recipient is forced to look close - often wondering what the macroscopic something in the picture might be and trying to recall certain learned and seen structures in order to make sense.
We humans are trained to follow certain rules of perception, in order to identify structures of things we have been seen over and over again - it gives us security. But what if the picture plays a trick on the eye and we see something very different than what we thought we would? This is when it gets interesting as the the thought-provoking in this work starts when we learn that what we see and believe differs from what is actually shown.

2017 | TGM Typographic Society Munich
I am currently organizing a study trip for German Graphic Designer, teacher and typography enthusiast to Dublin, Ireland. It will take place from 14th to 18th of June 2017. Find out more

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